Abous US

    Decodar  Company was founded in Lebanon in 1993.It is specialized in engineering studies & execution.

    Our Aim is to fulfill the requirements of our clients, Serve them with our qualified Engineering department to meet their goals using the most advanced studies complying with International Standards, as well as leaving our touch of art in each work we execute.
    The Creative company scope of services extends beyond the services mentioned above.

    Decodar was established with hard work with an ambitious background, we excerted our efforts to satisfy our clients by designing with creative concepts, cultivated from the fine arts and propperity to the civilization and cultures of the long history.

    W e accomplish our work relying on the most recent materials technics and beauty of the modern arts.

    All these achivement were possible and perfect with cooperation of a qualified staff which produce and execute new ideas using advanced and modern materials to
    accomplish the aim we look for.